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Chief Digital Officer (CDO) power and firm performance How does CDO power influence firm performance? What contingency factors moderate the relationship between CDO power and firm performance?




Sensing and scanning capabilities for opportunity identification (DI-GEST) What are the individual drivers and facilitating factors organizations have to shape their own and their employees' capabilities to identify changes and opportunities in the market environment? 2019
Entrepreneurial ecosystems and their influence on employer attractiveness of new ventures Which influence does the entrepreneurial ecosystem have on the assessment of employer attractiveness of new ventures by potential applicants? 2019
Bitcoin and blockchain technology: Investigating individual adoption and social media opinion leaders In the context of Bitcoin and blockchain technology, this research project investigates three distinct research questions related to (1) individual adoption, (2) social media opinion leadership, and (3) signaling theory. 2018
Social media sentiment as an information signal in economy and society How do information signals from social media sentiment (e.g., Twitter) predict decision-making in established and entrepreneurial firm contexts? 2017
Digital HRM and analytics In this project diverse research questions related to employer review platforms and company reactions, employer review platforms and third party employment branding (TPEB), and employer websites and employer branding are investigated 2017