Chief Digital Officer (CDO) power and firm performance


The role of the Chief Digital Officer (CDO) is increasingly establishing itself as a key leadership position that drives digital transformation, leverages opportunities, and manages challenges resulting from digitalization. Due to the novelty of the CDO role, relatively few studies have investigated this leadership role to date. While the initial studies provide important insights for our basic understanding of the CDO function, we lack knowledge and empirical evidence on particularly two aspects regarding the role of CDOs:

(1) How does CDO power influence firm performance?

(2) What contingency factors influence the relationship between CDO power and firm performance?



The objective of this research project is to investigate individual (e.g., network size), firm-level (e.g., structural characteristics), and industry-level (e.g., industry digitization) factors that influence the successful implementation of the CDO role.


Project member

Endrit Ademi

Prof. Dr. Andranik Tumasjan