Who drives the Bitcoin discourse on X (Twitter)?

In our JGUM Management & Digitale Transformation study by Constantin LichtiEndrit Ademi and Andranik Tumasjan, we analyze 115 million Bitcoin-related tweets from 2009 to 2022 to answer this question.

Influencer Types: We have identified eight types of influencers within the Bitcoin Twitter sphere, encompassing a diverse array of individuals who speak and write about Bitcoin with significant influence, including those who voice critical perspectives:

  • Bitcoin Maximalist: …holds Bitcoin as the gold standard.
  • Crypto All-Star: ...is held in high regard in the crypto community.
  • Millionaire Magnet: ...attracts millions of followers.
  • Engagement Guru: ...has a talent for convincing the audience.
  • Bitcoin Conversationalist: ...frequently talks about Bitcoin.
  • Persistent Pundit: ...has a long history with Bitcoin.
  • Incognito Influencer: ...remains anonymous.
  • Confrontational Conversationalist: ...consistently voices skepticism about Bitcoin.

Our detailed infographic provides further facts and figures:
English infographic 
German infographic

Our findings will be presented at the 57. Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS).

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